Home Inspections


This visual inspection is done prior to purchasing a new home. It allows the home buyer to
gain some much needed insight into the overall condition of a home BEFORE making the final decision to purchase the home. The buyer can use this inspection report to negotiate repairs or price adjustments with the seller which reflect the condition of the property.

With a pre-purchase inspection, all systems are inspected. That includes the roof, interior, exterior, windows, doors, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.

Upon completion of the pre-purchase inspection, a detailed report will be emailed to you.


This visual inspection is no different than a pre-purchase inspection, however the purpose here is to help the homeowner find potential problems BEFORE putting a house on the market. All of the home systems are visually inspected, allowing the home owner to have a list of possible improvements to consider before listing their home, or items to be disclosed to potential buyers.

Upon completion of the pre-listing inspection, a detailed report will be emailed to the homeowner.


Knowing that your home is being maintained properly and is in good working condition
provides peace of mind to every homeowner. This is another reason to have your home inspected by a certified home inspector. A visual inspection of over 400 items will be completed, and the condition and operation of components tested will be provided to the homeowner upon completion.